Staff at the Institute of Plant Nutrition

Institute of Plant Nutrition


Prof. Dr. Claus-Peter Witte
 Claus-Peter Witte  Claus-Peter Witte

Research Staff

Dr. Nieves Medina Escobar

Doctoral Candidates

Markus Niehaus, M. Sc.
 Markus Niehaus  Markus Niehaus
Jannis Rinne, M. Sc.
 Jannis Rinne  Jannis Rinne
Henryk Straube, M. Sc.
 Henryk Straube  Henryk Straube

Administrative/Technical Staff

Dipl.-Ing. André Specht
 André Specht  André Specht

Degree Candidates

Adiel Berenice Lopez Flores, B. Sc.
Clemens Richter, B. Sc.
Magdalena Schumacher, B. Sc.
Lukas Wiechmann, B. Sc.


Nele Passon
Liv-Grete Kristin Reinhardt
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