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List of Publications Prof. Dr. Claus-Peter Witte

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Heinemann KJ, Yang S-Y, Straube H, Medina-Escobar N, Varbanova-Herde M, Herde M et al. Initiation of cytosolic plant purine nucleotide catabolism involves a monospecific xanthosine monophosphate phosphatase. Nature Communications. 2021 Dec;12(1). 6846.

Kim S-H, Witte C-P, Rhee S. Structural basis for the substrate specificity and catalytic features of pseudouridine kinase from Arabidopsis thaliana. Nucleic acids research. 2021 Jan 11;49(1):491-503.

Rinne J, Witte C-P, Herde M. Loss of MAR1 Function is a Marker for Co-Selection of CRISPR-Induced Mutations in Plants. Frontiers in Genome Editing. 2021 Aug 9;3. 723384.

Straube H, Witte C-P, Herde M. Analysis of Nucleosides and Nucleotides in Plants: An Update on Sample Preparation and LC–MS Techniques. Cells. 2021 Mar 20;10(3). 689.

Straube H, Niehaus M, Zwittian S, Witte C-P, Herde M. Enhanced nucleotide analysis enables the quantification of deoxynucleotides in plants and algae revealing connections between nucleoside and deoxynucleoside metabolism. The plant cell. 2021 Feb;33(2):270-289.


Chen M, Witte C-P. A Kinase and a Glycosylase Catabolize Pseudouridine in the Peroxisome to Prevent Toxic Pseudouridine Monophosphate Accumulation. The plant cell. 2020 Mar;32(3):722-739.

Durian G, Sedaghatmehr M, Matallana-Ramirez LP, Schilling SM, Schaepe S, Guerra T et al. Calcium-Dependent Protein Kinase CPK1 Controls Cell Death by In Vivo Phosphorylation of Senescence Master Regulator ORE1. The plant cell. 2020 May;32(5):1610-1625.

Niehaus M, Straube H, Künzler P, Rugen N, Hegermann J, Giavalisco P et al. Rapid Affinity Purification of Tagged Plant Mitochondria (Mito-AP) for Metabolome and Proteome Analyses. Plant physiology. 2020 Mar;182(3):1194-1210.

Witte C-P, Herde M. Nucleotide Metabolism in Plants. Plant physiology. 2020 Jan;182(1):63-78.


Baccolini C, Witte C-P. AMP and GMP Catabolism in Arabidopsis Converge on Xanthosine, Which Is Degraded by a Nucleoside Hydrolase Heterocomplex. Plant Cell. 2019 Mar;31(3):734-751.

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